Resume and History

In 1995 year,sayehsaz Ieman Co. was active in distributing and installing Lexan® (Polycarbonate) Sheets for General Electric Plastics B.V. Started in Iran. Over the course of a decade of its activities, several projects in different parts of the country have been implemented in various types of light and transparent coatings in sports, industrial and residential environments, which represents the high technical and executive capability of the complex.

It is noteworthy that the Safe Shadow Setup has carried out dozens of overseas projects including sales and full implementation of structures and coatings in countries such as Oman, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

The company, with the acquisition of the distributing agency EVONIK (the world's first producer of PMMA sheets in the world), has expanded its range of transparent coatings and currently distributes Acrylic sheets of the Plexiglas® brand. Slowly

According to the commercial policy of Shaheedor-e-Ayman's management as well as projects referring to the company, the design and implementation unit of the special projects of Sayyaz-e-ye Iman with the aim of implementing specific and diverse employers' projects in the field of industrial, security, urban and construction services It turned out

Taking into account the need of the Iranian market and also extending the scope of the company's safe shading company in the field of distribution and installation of polycarbonate sheets, this company has taken on the exclusive representation of polycarbonate sheets of polyu Italy.