introduction of a company

  sayehsaz company has been the first importer since 1995 to supply and introduce various kinds of polycarbonate sheets to Iran market

After 25 years of continuous activity, the company has been the exclusive agent and agent of distribution of various products from the following factories:

1- LEXAN polycarbonate sheet produced by GE company.

2- MAKROLON Polycarbonate sheet manufactured by Germany BAYER.

3. MACROLUX Polycarbonate Sheet Production Company of Switzerland EMP.

4- RODECA Polycarbonate Sheet produced by RODECA Germany.

5. Plexiglass sheet produced by EVONIK Germany.

6. Polycarbonate sheets produced by POLINET

7 sheets of polycarbonate MARLON ST UK

8-polycarbonate POLICAM sheet

Problems of using glass in transparent coatings and light curtains:

1- Low security against unexpected accidents (earthquakes, explosions, fires, etc.)

2. Heavy weight.

3. Non-ductility (low flexibility).

4. Non-avoidance of heat exchange.

5. Low impact resistance.

6. No Positive Shading.

* The above factors cause the cost of running glass projects covered by transportation multiplicity, the provision of safety devices, the use of more human resources, the use of heavier implements and equipment, high cost and time to perform secretive operations , Laminate and double glazing and special storage.

Advantages of using polycarbonate sheets

1- Light weight: Specific polycarbonate specific gravity is half the glass weight.

2. Extraordinary safety against accidents (earthquake, explosion, fire, impact, etc.)

3- Resistance to impact up to 250 times glass (absolutely unstable)

4. The polycarbonate sheet resists well against adverse weather conditions (storms, hail, sunlight and earthquakes).

5. In the event of a fire, it will quickly turn off as soon as it is away from the direct flame due to its self-extinguishing properties.

6. It should be noted that the smoke from burning the polycarbonate sheet is not toxic and the smoke rate is also standard.

7. The flexibility of the sheet is such that it is easy and with the help of hand can the sheet arranged in the form of arches and installed on the structure.

8. Sound and thermal isolation.

9. Proper shading.

10. Stability of physical properties and lack of sunblock against ultraviolet radiation (uv).

11. Variation of design, color and thickness (flat, multi-wall).

* The above properties completely indicate that polycarbonate sheets are a good alternative to glass and significantly reduce project costs.

Install the Sheet

In addition to sales, Shaye Sazim-e-Iman Company is also responsible for calculating and providing a map of operations and operations, including the construction and installation of sheets.

Installing the sheet of polycarbonate requires compliance with its own standards. The technical shading unit according to these standards has carried out several projects in the country.

Types of sheets

1- Flat Sheet - In various types of mashhgar - fireproof - scratch resistant and bulletproof with different thicknesses and different rings in two directions of length and width of fitting and is used according to its use.

2- Multi-wall sheet - in different colors and different thicknesses with different structure according to the project's use.

The division of large spaces due to the maintenance of light supply in all its parts, one of the uses of multi-wall sheets with a thickness of more than 16 mm is the most appropriate option as a partition.