Introducing the services

Polycarbonate is one of the most promising petrochemical products that has special physical and chemical properties.
Granular-to-plate conversion began for the first time by General Electric in the United States and then continued in Europe.

Sayyaz-e-ye-ye-yeam Company started its activity in the year 1374 with the goal of introducing and supplying transparent and safe coatings in Iran, and is the first supplier of polycarbonate sheets in the reputable European brands.

In addition to distributing polycarbonate sheets, the safe shade maker also provides its customers with design, calculation, construction, aluminum profiles, sheet fitting and sealing services.

The sheets made of polycarbonate granules have unique characteristics. The most important of these features are:

Pull off and high impact resistance
The lack of color changes from sunlight and ultraviolet impermeability
Transparency like glass and colorfulness
Cool Arctic Capability
Inflammability and fire resistance
Resistance to chemicals, including acids and hydrocarbons
The installation of polycarbonate sheets on the original instrument requires compliance with its standards, and the need to comply with it has led an experienced technical team to use the projects.

In addition to providing all services for supply and installation, the company guarantees the resistance of sheets to natural disasters such as hail, earthquakes, etc., as well as the lack of change in the color of sunlight, from manufacturers.

Meanwhile, if the installation and sealing of the sheet is carried out by the company, it will guarantee all affairs and provide post-installation services.

Polycarbonate sheets are supplied in three types, multi-wall and anti-bullet:

More flat sheets are used for large skylights, transparent lifts, showcases and curtain windows, and are available in transparent, bronze and colored colors.

The dimensions of the sheets are 205 × 300 and 205 × 125 cm.

Double or multi-walled sheets have a greater variety of colors and are available in transparent, bronze, blue, milky and green colors and in thicknesses of 4 to 32 mm.

The dimensions of multi-wall sheets are 210x600 cm, which can be modified according to the order of length.

This type of sheet is used to cover indoor swimming pools, large sports and industrial halls, commercial and residential lighters, pedestrian bridges and more.

Bullet-proof sheets have a thickness of more than 12 mm, which can be used for transparent security coatings in large windows and showcases. Plates with a thickness of 12 and 15 mm prevent the entry of low caliber gluons and 32 mm thickness gauzes from entering high-caliber bullets.

sayehsaz Ieman Company is hoping to provide satisfaction with consultant engineers, construction contractors and project implementers with their full efforts and complete provision of polycarbonate sheet services.