Multi-walled polycarbonate sheets (Thermoclear) are 4 to 32 mm in thickness. The number of its walls also varies from 2 to 6 walls, and the standard dimensions are 2 * 10 * 6 meters. Despite the fact that the weight of these sheets is about 1/2 of glass weight, their impact resistance is 100 times greater than glass. Because of its multi-wall properties, they consume less energy for cooling and heating. For example, using a 6-mm thick multi-wall sheet can save up to 22 cubic meters of gas per square meter of window.

The color variation of this kind of Lexan sheet also provides the basis for the implementation of beautiful designs. Most multilayer sheet thicknesses include transparent, bronze, gray, blue, green, milky and dark blue, which are also color-coded due to the presence of ultraviolet absorbing materials (UV) in the polycarbonate structure.

In general, the use of multi-wall sheets is more general and broader than solid sheets. The most important applications of multi-wall sheets are:

- Swimming pool ceilings

- Light structures

- Greenhouses

- Patio and lighters

- Patterned skylights such as dome and complexity

- Safety doors

- Anti-storm and earthquake windows

- Pedestrian bridges

- Car parking

- The false ceiling

- Internal partitioning

- Large sports and industrial halls

- Schools, hospitals and stores

- Cabs of elevators