Solid polycarbonate sheets are of a variety of types. The impact resistance of these types is 250 times greater than the glass and their weight is half the thickness of the glass itself. And it has all the general properties of Lexus sheets. The thickness of these varieties is 1 to 16 mm and their dimensions are generally 5/3 * 0.05 m. The most popular types include:

1- Exell D

These sheets are produced under a very strong mechanical process known as "coax." Both sides of the Exell D sheet have anti UV coatings. Anti-UV coatings will prevent yellowing, diminishing properties and loss of transparency over time. Exell D can also be used to reduce the intensity of sound due to its specific compression and polycarbonate molecular structure. The solid polycarbonate sheet has an average of 30 dB of sound isolation. In addition, if the sheet is not exposed to sunlight, anti-UV coatings can also be used.

These sheets are perfectly suitable for use in areas exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. It is worth mentioning that the history of use of Lexan sheets in coatings outside buildings and industries is over 30 years old.

The Exell D sheets, in addition to the dimensions of 5.3 / 05 * 05 / m, have dimensions of 2.5 * 25.1 * meters and are available in transparent, bronze, milky, green colors.

2 ST-5000 (Mechidr)

The ST 5000 Leksan Sheets have been designed for use on one site. In addition to creating a particular view, this mode keeps the indoor environment out of sight and also helps with indoor lighting, with appropriate sunlight.

The special design of these sheets also makes the sun's stunning light diminish.

These sheets are in fact the kind of exell D sheets, so they are extremely resistant to UV ultraviolet rays and are suitable for exterior coatings. The ST 5000 sheets have bright, bronze and green colors.

3 F-2000

Flame retarder materials have been used in the formulation of Lexane F-2000 sheets. As a result, maintaining all of Lexus's general properties, according to a variety of standards, such as IEC 695-2-1, ISO 4589, are fireproof.

Due to the highly anti-fire properties of these sheets, their use in cases of safety against flame is increasing. Due to the high electrical properties of these sheets, they can be used in electrical and electronic applications such as the supply of electrical panels. In terms of electrical properties of F-2000 sheets, standards such as IEC 112/3, UL 7464 have been used.

The colors of these sheets can be transparent, milky and bronze.

4. Margaret Margard

Margaret retains all the general properties of Lexane, while at the same time enjoying a special property: it has a scratch-resistant coating. This coating is the latest advancement in polymer science. Margaret can be used in areas that are subject to extreme wear. Types of thicknesses of this sheet are from 5 mm to 12 mm and only have a clear type.

Solid Solids Lexans have a variety of applications, of which the most important are:

Ceiling and wall pools

Patio and lighters

Patterned skylights such as dome and complexity

Transparent elevators (panoramic)

Safety doors

Shop windows

Arched windows

Anti-storm windows

Anti-earthquake windows

Transparent noise reduction walls

Pedestrian bridges

Public telephone booths


Internal partitioning

Nile factories


Sports stadiums

Electrical applications such as power boards and ...

Schools, hospitals, stores

Airplane and ship windows to reduce weight and increase safety