Polycarbonate Panels

The poly panels have been designed and manufactured in a fully functional way that solve the problems of industrial halls and niches, creating a new opportunity for industrial owners, with a 20% to 30% reduction in power consumption.

This product, especially for coatings with sandwich panels and metal sheets with a variety of designs, is used in industrial niches and halls, and can cover the entire roof, either in a transverse or longitudinal direction.

Particularly, in the manufacture of these special panels, very specific materials are used that are carefully controlled and carefully selected and carefully selected. The same quality control process has ISO9001

This results in the highest natural light exposure to the environment, resulting in a 20% to 30% reduction in industrial power consumption. That is the same amount of energy that is spent on the illumination of manufactured industrial niches or warehouses during the day !!! Gets

This product has a European fire resistance standard B S2 D0, B S1 D0, which means non-flammable and non-toxic gases, which is one of the most stringent and most stringent fire prevention regulations in the industry.

Polycarbonate panels The panel sandwich has UV resistant materials that are extruded to the outside of the product and not only does not reduce the entry of normal light, but also prevents pallor, yellow, and rigidity of the product, and the mechanical and optical properties of the product. The mechanical and functional yen maintains the product over time.

The accessories for this product, sealing it alongside the sandwich panels and metal sheets, fully ensure and ensure

That's why it's easy to use this product to rebuild and renovate industrial halls and niches.

The edge of the photovoltaic panels is sealed and airtight by special strips to prevent water sweeping and penetration and accumulation of dust on its walls. It is also custom-made to block the edge of these products at the factory and using heat to meet the above requirements.

In short, multi-wall polycarbonate panel sandwiches provide and optimize the optimal combination of properties required for industrial structures and hollows due to its unique optical, mechanical and functional properties.

This product is resistant to unexpected natural and military accidents and is used as one of the passive defense elements for industrial retrofitting, which makes the niches and industrial halls at these times less need for electricity and the use of thermal and Have a refrigerator. This also raises the multiplication of nets for accommodating injured and injured people.