Plexiglass is an inspirational person and, in designers' minds, is a synonym of innovation and creativity. It is versatile and the day of its application is known and widespread. Durability and durability along with adaptation to environmental conditions, introduces this valuable material as an efficient and executable plastics in a wide range of projects as an essential tool for creating and innovating.

High-resolution, brilliant colors and delicate touches along with items such as excellent shock resistance and environmental factors such as rain, hail and stormy weather, as well as UV stability and proper heat transfer properties. The material has made an all-rounder.

When different technical and aesthetic requirements meet, Plexiglass is often a solution, due to the commitment and interest of Ivankian to develop unique products and products and features. The wide distribution and diverse range of products of this company has made it the largest market share of the world as the market leader and the inventor of this polymer, Ivanov, and with the help of its customers around the world, it outlines and establishes the foundations of its upcoming market. .

Plexiglass is one of the most valuable and most profitable plastics in the world. This product can be produced with different functional specifications and different levels. Provides high transparency, light distribution and distribution, light focus, visibility, heat reflection, thermal shield, thermal isolation, sound reflection and resistance to scratches and blows.

There is no limit to how ideas can be implemented with this product. Leading and innovative projects deal with a wide range of applications with Plexiglas. Plexiglas is used in solar systems due to its high opacity and high efficiency, and excellent energy conversion efficiency, and despite its exposure to continuous solar radiation, it is never yellow and crisp.

Plexiglas allows cars to be made lighter to reduce fuel consumption. Also, due to its Plexiglas thermal reflection properties, thermal exchange can be minimized and the air consumption of the system reduced.