Bubble Lighter

Bubble Skylights are available in a variety of styles for residential and commercial applications.

All skylights made to your exact size require actually to effortlessly remove and head off a "standard" size according to your request.

Simply select the size and color of the luminaire (s) you need, and one of our known installers will notify you of the pricing and installation time.

Westco Roofing Co., Inc. It uses only high-quality dome windows made of high temperature ceiling lamps. The dome lamp is designed for optimal use of natural light.

We offer a wide range of glass sizes, shapes and options to almost every kind of specification.

All our dome panels can be designed with curbs (flat roofs) designed to communicate with dome overhead lamps to provide a thermosetting interface that in turn helps improve the overall heat output of the ceiling.

Why are plexiglass bubbles popular as glass panes?
Ultraviolet Plexiglas bubble is light, efficient and inexpensive. They are especially suited for installing flat roofs because they are well sealed and absorb light from many angles. Their low weight makes them stand up on the ceiling. They are completely modern and may not be appropriate in certain architectural environments.

Why is not a bubble and plexiglas nine beds?
The bubble plexiglas significantly increases the strength of the plastic sheet plate, causing shrinkage and contraction, which over time can be detrimental to the glass front.

What is the color of the Plexiglas bubble windows?
The bright plasma, white scatter and bronze powder are three main choices.

Front lights installed?
The front and rear lanterns are the most common in all green spaces. The chamber is simply a wooden box that is built up above the ceiling and sealed to become part of the ceiling. Then the UV rays are placed on the body and exits out.

Are there any other plexiglas and glasses?
Yes, the pyramid pyramid and both forms are produced in both materials.