Sandwich panel

The sandwich panel (Sandwich panel) is called a wall or ceiling, which is composed of lightweight constituents and on both sides bounded by two layers of sheet, with a layer of insulation in between.

Like a hamburger sandwich that covers the bread of the hamburger, it is soft and flexible. Sandwich panels are usually made of materials such as polyurethane, XPS, polystyrene, rock wool and fiberglass.

Use of sandwich panels in a variety of cold stores and refrigeration industries, workshops, sanitary clinics, prayer rooms and educational environments, mobile workshops, security posters, one and two-story villas-emergency units at critical times such as earthquakes Making all kinds of niches, walls and ceilings Sandwich panel in multi-wall tanks, cavity covers, warehouses, houses and villas, sandwich panels in industries, nave covers, clubs and refrigerators, emergency relief units at critical times such as earthquakes, manufacturing of various types of niches, Residential, Crop Stores, Schools and Drums Mobile homes, dairy and dairy coolers, mobile homes and caravans, indoor pools and gyms, industrial walls and ceilings, false walls and ceilings, internal walls and office rooms at factories. Sandwich panels also have a variety of applications in various industries, including construction of containers, containers, fixed and mobile refrigerated containers, prefabricated structures and houses, temporary accommodation camps, niches, metal constructions, space structures, warehouses and dock, sports complexes, factories Industrial and manufacturing, industrial and semi-industrial cold stores.